Universal Life Insurance By Farmers Life Insurance in the U.S.

Public life insurance by Farmers Life Insurance in the United States

Farmer Life Insurance Agent in Martinez, GA

Who depends on your income to maintain your happiness? How can you help protect your financial future? My name is Antonio White and I work with individuals, families and small businesses in Martinez, Georgia. Life insurance is probably one of the most important insurances for your family. The following are some features of Essential Life Universal Life of Farmers
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Universal Life Insurance

Maybe you’re buying your first home together. Or you are planning to have children, but not in a few years. Maybe your next promotion will take you to the leadership team. Change is the norm in life, and it often brings new needs and priorities.

Farmers New World Life Insurance Company provides universal life insurance, which is designed to fulfill the following functions:

  • Flexible-premium and payment frequency
  • Adjustable level of protection and benefits
  • Over time, potential savings in cash value

Your farmer agent can provide you with information when you choose your coverage. Here are some ways life in the universe can help you:

You want flexibility


You want to bring financial flexibility and diversification of assets to your financial investment portfolio.


Farmer Essential Life: Universal Life allows  you to determine the frequency and amount of premium, and can even adjust the face value of the policy as per the underwriting guidelines. You may be able to use interest-bearing cash, and growth is usually accomplished with a tax suspension.

Here are some features of Farmers’ Essential Life:

  • Insurance issued between the ages of 15 days to 80 years.
  • Insurance starts at us 50,000
  • The frequency and amount of premium can be flexibly adjusted as required
  • Life insurance income is generally exempt from income tax

You want to help protect your assets against the down market

Challenge:You want universal life insurance flexibility and the possibility of profit when the market grows, but you want to help protect your assets when your market is doing badly.


Farmer Index Universal Life gives   you a portion of your premium S & amp; P500 or Russell 2000 index account; You can choose one or two to help increase your cash value. Unlike direct investment in the stock market, the Farmer Index Universal Life Insurance Policy offers a lower limit of 0%, which can help protect your assets from market-related losses if the index performs poorly.

Here are some features of the farmer index public life:

  • The better the performance of the index, the more interest you will earn, which will be included in your cash value.
  • You can assign a portion of the premium to two fixed rate accounts to guarantee the lowest return: 1% for long term permanent accounts. Or 0.1% in short-term holding accounts, which allows easy transfer of funds to other accounts.
  • Flexibility to adjust your premium frequency and quantity according to your needs.
  • The ability to adjust the value of a policy depends on the underwriting criteria. -After the first policy year.
  • Life insurance income is generally exempt from income tax.
  • Get the cash value of the policy.

Farmers work to build strong customer relationships

Farmers Life has put customers first for over 100 years. Looking for coverage or have questions about your policy? Maybe you are ready to get a universal life insurance quote. Ensure that farmer agents provide personalized services and assistance.

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